Friday, October 21, 2016

November Update: Gathering Information from Key Partners

At the September 29th meeting, two system-change objectives were identified for immediate work:
  1. Increasing clinical referrals to community-based diabetes prevention and management education programs
  2. Creating one user-friendly platform (or improving/promoting existing platform such as 211) for clinicians and community members to find diabetes-related services easily
In October and continuing into early November, meetings are being held with clinicians and referral specialists at WNCCHS and at MAHEC Family Medicine to identify 1) the information they need to make referrals to community diabetes programs and 2) the ideal platform(s) for accessing that information (paper, website, phone, etc.). These discussions are also addressing how these types of referrals to evidence-based community programs can be best institutionalized throughout the practices. After these needs and referral protocols are mapped, the community's six diabetes program providers will work together to create clinic-friendly tools and protocols.

The resources and referral protocols that come out of this work will also be integrated into the Care Process Model for Preconception Health, which will be rolled out to all Mission Health primary care providers in 2017.

For more information about this workgroup, its goals, action items, etc., please click "Workgroup Overview" on the right sidebar. You can also click here to see the Community Scorecard--local diabetes data, active partners, current initiatives and community strategies.

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