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Documents and Resources Created by CHIP Diabetes Workgroup:

  • CHIP Diabetes Work Plan: This spreadsheet outlines in detail the main  action steps the workgroup has agreed to take on and the status of specific items. This document will be updated regularly.
  • Clinical Referral Tool: This PDF is a tool to help local clinicians and service providers who refer clients one of the various community-based, evidence-based diabetes prevention/management programs in Buncombe County. It is arranged by the client's readiness to change, and includes not only program cost, length, contact info, etc., but also specific information on which client barriers (transportation, etc.) the program directly addresses. (Must be printed on LEGAL size paper).
  • 211 CLIENT Handout: This full-page color flyer outlines how a person with (or at risk of) diabetes can dial 211 and get connected to the right diabetes program for them. It also lists each program with some basic program information--cost, locations, length, etc.
  • 211 PROVIDER Handout: This full-page color flyer educates providers about the work local diabetes programs have done with 211 to be a "single entry point" for community-based, evidence-based diabetes programs. It lists each program with basic program information--cost, eligibility, length, etc.

Documents and Resources CHIP Diabetes Workgroup May Find Useful:

  • CDC Pre-diabetes Screening Test: This is a PDF of a tool with 7 simple questions that can be asked in person or over the phone to assess risk for pre-diabetes. 
  • Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes: This website has a wealth of information from infographics to webinars to a heavy focus on policy change recommendations--all focused on reducing the disparities in diabetes outcomes. 

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