Tuesday, August 30, 2016

September Update

The full CHIP Diabetes Workgroup will be meeting September 29th at 9:00 to review the progress we've made on the Clinical Referral Tool, share feedback on the Diabetes Service Map and accompanying documents we created at the last meeting, and to begin discussing strategies to increase consumer demand for diabetes screening, testing, prevention and self-management support in the community. 

One highlight from August is the CHIP Diabetes Workgroup's presence at the
Management of Diabetes Through the Lifespan forum August 22nd at MAHEC. Partners came together to create a display about community-based prevention and management programs and update the clinical referral tool to showcase for providers attending the event. Melissa Baker (MAHEC) and Je'Wana Grier-McEachin (ABIPA) presented about the initial development and pilot testing of the referral tool. Several providers have since contacted me to get copies of the referral tool, and someone even heard a provider say, "this is the most useful information I've gotten today--this tool alone was worth coming!" 

For more information about this workgroup, its goals, action items, etc., please click "Workgroup Overview" to the right. You can also click here to see the Community Scorecard--local diabetes data, active partners, current initiatives and future tasks.

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